Introduction to Scrap Yards Indianapolis

Scrap Yards Indianapolis

Are you looking to recycle scrap metal in Indianapolis? Scrap yards in Indianapolis provide a convenient and sustainable solution.

Did you know that these yards accept a wide range of materials, including junk cars, appliances, and construction equipment?

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of choosing scrap yards in Indianapolis and the services they offer.

Discover how these yards can help you effectively dispose of scrap metal while promoting environmental conservation. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Indianapolis scrap yards promote recycling and sustainable practices, benefiting the local economy and preserving natural resources.
  • They offer a wide range of scrap metal materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fostering profitable transactions and waste reduction.
  • Convenient collection and drop-off services are provided, making recycling easy for individuals and businesses.
  • Scrap yards in Indianapolis possess expertise in metal sorting and eco-friendly processing, ensuring accurate valuation and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Compliance with local regulations is a priority, demonstrating a commitment to responsible recycling practices and a cleaner environment.

Overview of the scrap metal industry in Indianapolis

The city houses numerous scrap yards that buy and sell different types of metal, offering fair market value with transparent pricing – contributing significantly to over $87 billion generated by recycling activities annually nationwide.

Therefore, strict adherence to Indiana’s laws governing the sale and purchase of scrap metal becomes paramount for these businesses besides meeting their regular operational challenges.

Areas in Indianapolis we serve

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Importance of scrap yards in Indianapolis for recycling and sustainable practices

Scrap yards in Indianapolis play a crucial role in promoting recycling and sustainable practices that benefit the city and the environment.

By managing waste responsibly, they contribute to preserving natural resources and reducing environmental impact.
These yards repurpose old metals, like those from defunct vehicles, reducing waste accumulation and earning recognition through programs like the Indiana Clean Yard Program.

Benefits of Choosing Scrap Yards Indianapolis

Benefits of Choosing Scrap Yards Indianapolis

– Wide range of scrap metal materials available for purchase, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Find out how choosing scrap yards Indianapolis can benefit your recycling and sustainable practices.

Wide range of scrap metal materials available for purchase

Scrap Yards Indianapolis houses an extensive selection of scrap metal materials ready for purchase.

Mid-level businesses to large industries benefit from such purchases.

For beginners stepping into the world of metal scrapping, Scrap Yards Indianapolis not only facilitates profitable transactions but also offers guidance through each phase of their journey.

They ensure compliance with Indiana Scrap Metal Laws, making the venture both beginner-friendly and rewarding at every turn.

Competitive pricing and fair market value for scrap metals

Scrap yards in Indianapolis stand out for their competitive pricing and adherence to fair market values for scrap metals.
They offer updated prices that reflect the general market value, providing excellent opportunities for individuals or businesses looking to sell scrap metal.


Convenient scrap metal collection and drop-off services in Indianapolis

Scrap yards in Indianapolis offer convenient scrap metal collection and drop-off services, making it easy for individuals and businesses to recycle their unused or unwanted metal materials.

Expertise in metal sorting, grading, and environmentally friendly processing

  • Salvage yards in Indianapolis possess extensive expertise in metal sorting, grading, and environmentally friendly processing.
  • Their knowledge allows accurate classification of scrap metal based on composition and characteristics.
  • Fair pricing is provided to buyers and sellers due to their accurate metal valuation.
  • Priority on environmentally friendly processing minimizes the impact on the environment.
  • Innovative techniques reduce waste and promote sustainability.
  • Choosing such scrap yards ensures responsible handling of recyclables and supports sustainable practices in the community.

Compliance with local regulations and commitment to responsible recycling

Junk yards in Indianapolis prioritize compliance with local regulations and have a strong commitment to responsible recycling practices. These regulations include keeping records of scrap metal purchases over $100 for three years, as well as purchases of beer kegs for one year.

In addition, there are specific Indiana Scrap Metal Laws that scrap yards must adhere to when purchasing metals in the state.

This commitment is crucial not only for legal compliance but also for promoting a cleaner and greener environment in Indianapolis.

Services Offered by Scrap Yards Indianapolis

Services Offered by Scrap Yards Indianapolis

Scrap yards in Indianapolis offer various services:

  • Buying and selling scrap metals
  • Metal recycling and eco-friendly processing
  • On-site metal collection and transportation
  • Assistance with metal valuation and estimation
  • Customized solutions for industrial and commercial clients.

Buying and selling various scrap metals

  • Scrap Yards Indianapolis offer comprehensive services for buying and selling various scrap metals.
  • They provide a convenient platform to sell materials at fair market value, including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and more.
  • These yards offer a wide range of scrap metals available for purchase, meeting industry standards through expertise in metal sorting and grading.
  • Complying with local regulations and prioritizing responsible recycling practices makes them an excellent choice for contributing to sustainable initiatives.

Metal recycling and eco-friendly processing methods

Scrap yards in Indianapolis play a crucial role in promoting sustainable practices through metal recycling and eco-friendly processing methods.

With their commitment to ecoconscious disposal methods, these scrap yards are actively promoting a circular economy and supporting the conservation of our environment.

On-site metal collection and transportation services in Indianapolis

Scrap yards in Indianapolis offer convenient on-site metal collection and transportation services for individuals and businesses.
These services eliminate the need to transport large quantities of scrap metals yourself, saving you time, effort, and money.

Whether you have a small load or a bulk amount of scrap metals to sell or recycle, these scrap yards have the equipment and expertise to handle it all.

Assistance with metal valuation and estimation

Scrap Yards Indianapolis provides valuable assistance with metal valuation and estimation.

This ensures that you receive appropriate compensation for your materials and helps you make informed decisions when it comes to buying or selling scrap metal.

Types of Scrap Metals Accepted by Scrap Yards

  • Scrap yards in Indianapolis accept a wide range of scrap metals for recycling, including ferrous (steel, iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum, copper, brass) materials.
  • Ferrous metals, though less valuable than non-ferrous, are durable and commonly found in appliances, cars, and construction materials.
  • Non-ferrous metals are highly valued for properties like corrosion resistance and conductivity and have various applications in industries like construction and electronics.
  • Specialty metals, such as titanium, nickel alloys, and precious metals, have unique properties and applications in specific industries.
  • Recycling these metals at scrap yards in Indianapolis contributes to sustainability efforts and conserves natural resources, making responsible recycling practices essential.

Why Choose Scrap Yards in Indianapolis?

Choose scrap dealers Indianapolis for their extensive experience and knowledge of the local scrap metal market.
Efficient and reliable services with quick turnaround times await you, along with transparent pricing and fair evaluations of your scrap metals.

Ensure compliance with legal requirements and proper licensing by selecting reputable scrap yards in Indianapolis.

Contact them today for efficient scrap metal services that meet your needs.

Efficient and reliable services with quick turnaround times

We offer efficient and reliable services with quick turnaround times.
Whether you’re looking to sell your scrap metal or purchase materials for your own projects, these scrapyards understand the importance of prompt service.

Transparent pricing and fair evaluations of scrap metals

Scrap yards in Indianapolis are known for their transparent pricing and fair evaluations of scrap metals.
When selling your scrap metal, it’s important to know that you’re getting a fair price for your materials.

This transparency not only gives you peace of mind but also promotes trust and long-term relationships with these reliable scrapyards.

Copper & Brass
#1 Bare Bright Wire $2.40/lb
#1 Copper Tubing / Flashing $2.10/lb
#2 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar $1.90/lb
#3 Roofing Copper $1.80/lb
Brass $1.25/lb
Brass (Plumbing, Pipe) $1.37/lb
Bronze $1.55/lb
Brass Shells $1.22/lb
Brass Water Meter $0.75-$1.50/lb
Dirty Brass Faucets $0.40/lb
Clean Brass Radiators $1.30/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Clean) $0.91/lb
Aluminum/Copper Coil (Dirty) $0.72/lb
Copper NA
Copper Yokes $0.25/lb
Copper Transformers $0.08-$0.17/lb
Electric Motors $0.12-$0.15/lb
Alternators/Starters $0.13/lb
Sealed Units/Compressors $0.13/lb
Ins. Copper Wire
Insulated Copper Wire (Cat 5/6) $0.62/lb
Romex® Wire $1.12/lb
Open Eye Hollow Heliax $0.82/lb
THHN Cable $1.48/lb
Insulated Cable $1.58/lb
500-750 MCM (Bare Bright Inside) $1.83/lb
Insulated Steel BX $0.20/lb
Aluminum BX $0.77/lb
Christmas Lights $0.12/lb
Computer Wire $0.32/lb
Cat 5/6 Cross $0.45/lb
AluminumNAAluminum Siding / Gutters $0.34/lb
Sheet Aluminum $0.27/lb
All Aluminum Rims $0.40-$0.50/lb
Aluminum Windows (broken) $0.32/lb
Cast Aluminum $0.28/lb
Clean Aluminum Wire $0.47/lb
AL Thermo-pane/break (Not Glass) $0.28/lb
AL Litho Plates $0.47/lb
AL Machine Cuts $0.35-$0.55/lb
Aluminum Grills $0.28/lb
AL Turnings $0.12-$0.15/lb
Aluminum Transformers $0.03/lb
Dirty Aluminum $0.06-$0.15/lb
Misc. Scrap
Car Batteries $0.22-$0.26/lb
Lead $0.44/lb
304 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic) $0.30/lb
316 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic) $0.45/lb
Lead Wheel Weights $0.13/lb
Ballasts $0.08/lb
Scrap Generators $0.05-$0.17/lb
Circuit Breakers Prices Vary
Car Batteries $0.22-$0.26/lb
Lead Backup Batteries $0.16-$0.25/lb
Forklift Batteries $0.16-$0.22/lb
Steel Case Batteries $0.16-$0.23/lb
Cell Site Lead Batteries $0.16-$0.24/lb
A123 Batteries Call For Price
Absolyte Batteries Call For Price
Lithium Ion Batteries $1.50-$2.50/lb
Catalytic Converters
Small Foreign Cat $82-$97/each
Medium Foreign Cat $105-$130/each
Large Foreign Cat $117-$250/each
Foreign Pre-Cat $32-$45/each
Domestic Cat $51-$62/each
Pre-Domestic Cat $24-$34/each
Small GM Cat $83-$97/each
Large GM Cat $88-$117/each
Regular Breadloaf Cat $87-$100/each
Small Chrysler Cat $57-$71/each
Large Chrysler Cat $78-$97/each
Ford Cat $68-$82/each
Ford Pre-Cat $22-$28/each
Bead Cat $25-$35/each
Diesel Cat $5.00-$40/each
Small Wire $13-$17/each
Large Wire Cat $36-$48/each
Wire Pre-Cat $7-$12/each
Half Cat Varies, Ask
Aftermarket Cat $8/each
DPF Catalytic Converter $15-$450/each
AC Cats $63-$78/each
Steel & Iron
Steel $0.03-$0.05/lb
Stainless Steel $0.23/lb
Iron $87.00/ton
Light Iron $0.03/lb
Cast Iron $0.06-$0.07/lb
Brake Rotors $0.075/lb
Computer Scrap
Clean Green Motherboards $1.15/lb
Non-Green Motherboards $0.55/lb
Memory Chips $5.50-$7.50/lb
CPU Processor Chips $3.00-$25/lb
Whole Computer Towers w/HD $0.12/lb
Laptops $0.50/lb
Power Supplies (w/ wires) $0.12/lb
Harddrives w/Board $0.40/lb
Harddrive PC Board $2.50/lb
Telecom Equipment $0.12-$0.25/lb
Servers $0.18-$0.31/lb
Back PanelsCALL CALL
Low Grade Non PC Boards $0.08/lb
Insulated Wire $0.27-$0.62/lb
Computer Wire $0.32/lb
AL Heat Sinks $0.30/lb
Rare Earth Metals
Carbide $5.32/lb
Carbide Inserts/Shapes $6.00-$6.75/lb
Monel $1.60-$2.50/lb
FSX 414 $5.25/lb
Titanium $0.35/lb
Nickel $2.50-$3.00/lb
Inconel $2.00-$2.75/lb
Tantalum $25.00-$75.00/lb
High Speed Steel $.20/lb
Hastelloy $1.75/lb
Hastelloy Shavings $1.50-$2.00/lb
Hastelloy Solids $1.75-$2.25/lb
Tin $1.50/lb
Tin Solder $1.50-$4.00/lb
Babbit $2.50-$5.50/lb
Alnico Magnets $1.50-$2.00/lb
Silver NA
Bronze $1.18/lb
Platinum NA
Gold NA
Zinc NA
Tungsten $3.25/lb
Palladium NA
Incoloy NA
Rhodium NA
Molybdenum NA
Cobalt NA

How to Choose the Right Scrap Yard in Indianapolis

How to Choose the Right Scrap Yard in Indianapolis

To choose the right scrap yard in Indianapolis, check customer reviews and licenses for legitimacy, evaluate services and metal types accepted, inquire about recycling practices, and compare pricing options.

Check customer reviews and testimonials

Before choosing a scrap yard in Indianapolis, it is essential to check customer reviews and testimonials.

Verify licenses and certifications for legitimacy

It is crucial to verify licenses and certifications when choosing a scrap yard in Indianapolis. This helps ensure that the scrap yard operates legally and meets all necessary regulatory requirements.

Evaluate the range of services and metal types accepted

Scrap yards in Indianapolis offer a wide range of services and accept various types of metals for recycling. When choosing a scrap yard, it is important to evaluate the range of services they provide, such as buying and selling scrap metals, metal recycling, on-site collection and transportation services, and assistance with metal valuation.

Inquire about their recycling and environmental practices

It is essential to inquire about a scrap yard’s recycling and environmental practices when choosing the right one in Indianapolis. Environmental protection and pollution prevention should be top priorities for reputable scrap yards.

Compare pricing and payment options offered

When it comes to choosing a scrap dealer in Indianapolis, comparing pricing and payment options is essential.


To learn more about the benefits of scrap yards in Indianapolis and how they can help with your scrap metal needs, contact reputable scrap yards in the area today. Support local businesses and contribute to sustainable practices by recycling your scrap metals at these trusted facilities.

By contacting them today, not only will you be supporting local businesses but also contributing to sustainable practices that benefit both the environment and the community. So don’t hesitate – make that call and start reaping the benefits of working with trusted scrap metal dealers in Indianapolis now!


1. What items can I sell at scrap yards in Indianapolis?

Scrap yards in Indianapolis typically accept a wide range of items, including but not limited to old cars, appliances, electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, aluminum cans, and scrap metal.

2. How much money can I expect to receive for my scrap items in Indianapolis?

The amount of money you can receive for your scrap items in Indianapolis depends on several factors such as the current market prices for the specific materials, the quantity and quality of your items, and the policies of the individual scrap yard. It is recommended to contact local scrap yards directly for pricing information.

3. Are there any regulations or restrictions when selling items at scrap yards in Indianapolis?

Yes, there are regulations and restrictions when selling items at scrap yards in Indianapolis. You may be required to provide identification, proof of ownership for certain items like vehicles or large machinery, and comply with environmental regulations regarding hazardous materials disposal.

4. Can I arrange for pick-up services from a scrap yard in Indianapolis?

Some scrap yards in Indianapolis offer pick-up services for larger or heavier items such as cars or appliances. It is best to inquire with the specific yard about their pick-up options and any associated fees or requirements.